Conor McGregor says Floyd Mayweather 'can't read' in latest press conference blowout

Conor McGregor

GETTY Conor McGregor UFC lightweight champion

For how bulletproof they seem, both Mayweather and McGregor have incredible egos and for one of them to look and see their people laughing along with the crowd whilst being torched.there would be some serious dissention in the ranks.

In front of a gathered crowd of some 16,000 (and an terrible lot of them seemed to be Irish) - and after plenty of bad-mouthing from both the McGregor and Mayweather camps - Crumlin-lad Conor began to criticise his rival's apparent fondness for strippers.

He also hit out at "Money" and the lack of it amid tax fraud allegations with the IRS.

Apollo Creed Gym
METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER Many interpreted McGregor's remark as a reference to the black fighters at Apollo Creed's gym

On Tuesday, McGregor fired off a few salvos at Mayweather but mostly sounded appreciative of the stage he was standing on while expecting a more traditional press conference setting where he's able to engage in some back-and-forth banter with an opponent. Twenty-eight years of age, I'm getting fight checks and promoter checks.

"What the f**k is he wearing", said McGregor. "You sing it for me, you dance for me!".

Many years ago, the word used was by Caucasian-Americans to belittle African-American males, so it's use still has a stinging effect on many members of the community. One shot is all it takes me.

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In a conversation with someone, I discussed McGregor and his "Dance for me, boy" comments. He said,"He looks good for a seven- or eight-figure fighter but I'm a nine-figure fighter", he boasted.

When Mayweather finally joined him on stage, there was a face off more intense and verbal than anything we saw in Los Angeles.

"When we were putting this deal together, I told these guys you don't do a world tour without stopping in Canada, baby", White said. "If you believe in yourself, like you say you believe in yourself, bet your whole fight check you b*tch", Mayweather screamed.

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Toward the end of the performance, Mayweather put on an Irish flag from the crowd and pretended to defecate.

Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather is the heavy favourite to win his bout against mixed marital arts champion Conor McGregor but the Irishman again won the war of words at their media conference in Toronto on Wednesday.

McGregor believed Showtime, the network which will broadcast the August 26 super-fight, had made the decision to deny him the ability to respond to the 49-0 boxing great. Make no mistake about it: Mayweather vs. McGregor is about the money, it's always been about the money, and that's just fine.

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