Charlie Gard's Parents Make Agonizing Decision to Turn Off Life Support

Lawyers in Charlie Gard case to be back in UK court

Lawyers in Charlie Gard case to be back in UK court

Charlie Gard's parents Connie Yates and Chris Gard read a statement at the High Court after a hearing on their baby's future, in London, Britain, Jul. 24, 2017. Conservatives are using Charlie's case to imply that universal health care and government-run programs are bad for disabled children.

Speaking in court on Monday, Yates said making the decision to "let him go" was the hardest thing she and her partner had done in their lives, and that they still believed his condition could have improved with treatment had it been administered earlier.

Yesterday Connie Yates and Chris Gard abandoned their legal action to take 11-month-old Charlie to the U.S. for treatment. His parents and Great Ormond Street Hospital have been in a months-long legal battle over his treatment.

In a document presented to the court, the hospital's lawyer wrote that the invasive ventilation Charlie required was only provided in a hospital setting.

She said medics wanted to avoid hazards or mishaps and wanted to ensure Charlie was safe.

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The scientific community "created a synergic network", in an attempt to save the little boy, and this, the hospital said, "will give so much strength to all the other 'Charlie's to come". He says tests show that the baby has irreversible muscular damage.

Why did Charlie's parents seek legal intervention?

It remained unclear exactly when Charlie's life support would be removed.

He says the parents "wish to treasure their remaining time with Charlie, however short that may be".

The hospital defended its decision not to allow experimental nucleoside treatment (NBT) for the child because "from the moment of his diagnosis, Charlie's prognosis was known to be bleak".

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The family attorney, Grant Armstrong, told a judge that parents Chris Gard and Connie Yates have held discussions with Great Ormond Street Hospital about sending Charlie home, but that there were obstacles.

The BBC reports Armstrong "told the presiding judge Mr Justice Francis that United States neurologist Dr Michio Hirano had said he was no longer willing to offer the baby experimental therapy after he saw the results of a new MRI scan last week".

As Charlie's case made its way through the courts, worldwide attention grew. The 11-month-old has a rare genetic condition, and his parents want to take him to America to receive an experimental treatment.

The couple continues to insist Charlie could have been helped had he received the treatment sooner.

Charlie's plight captured worldwide attention after his mother Connie contacted Dr. Michio Hirano, a neurologist at Columbia University Medical Center in NY, who offered to perform experimental therapy on the child.

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Last week Great Ormond Street Hospital told the parents that a report on the latest scan of Charlie's brain made for "sad reading".

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