Charlie Gard Is Our Child

Charlie Gard will be moved to hospice for final hours: Judge

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Chris Gard and Connie Yates, Charlie's parents, were seeking permission to let him die at home, but they gave up on that after objections from the judge who anxious about the practical implications for a patient with complex care needs.

To avoid unnecessary suffering, the doctors said Charlie should be transferred to a hospice and removed from life support soon after.

In some tragic cases, the sacred responsibility of parents to defend the life and uphold the dignity of their child will include painful decisions about a beloved child's end-of-life medical care.

Boyle is a special correspondent.

Ms Yates and Charlie's father Chris Gard had initially said they wanted 11-month-old Charlie to spend days with them at home before dying.

"Our handsome little boy has gone, we are so proud of you Charlie". The judge has to decide what course of action to take in the child's best interests.

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The case made it all the way to Britain's Supreme Court as Charlie's parents refused to accept decisions by a series of judges who backed Great Ormond Street.

Announcing the end of their five-month legal challenge on Monday, Mr Gard gave an emotional speech on the steps of the High Court when he said: "We are so sorry that we couldn't save you".

A family friend posted a statement on Facebook saying: "The hospital have set the bar so high that in terms of clinical team for Charlie's end of life nothing seemed good enough for Great Ormond Street".

His death comes just days before his first birthday.

Charlie's parents said in a statement they have been denied their last wish.

Some sad news to report: Charlie Gard, the terminally-ill baby that was the center of a controversy regarding parental rights and experimental treatment, has passed away in a hospice after his life support machine was withdrawn on Friday. The two leaders sent tweets of support for Charlie and his parents, triggering a surge of grassroots action, including a number of US right-to-life activists who flew to London to support Charlie's parents. Charlie is only the 16 person in the world ever to have been diagnosed with the condition.

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10 July: Charlie's parents return to the High Court and ask Mr Justice Francis to carry out fresh analysis of the case.

Adding: "We must all hug our tiny ones a little tighter tonight and be grateful for our lovely children".

"As the judge has now ruled, we will arrange for Charlie to be transferred to a specialist children's hospice, whose remarkable and compassionate staff will support his family at this impossible time".

After many months' delay, a US specialist was finally permitted to evaluate Charlie and informed the parents that their child would no longer benefit from the experimental treatment.

Charlie's move to the hospice was kept secret until today.

Leading pro-life advocates helped Charlie's parents fight for his life.

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