UK PM May's lead widens ahead of June 8 election - ORB poll

Paxman in charge of interrogating leaders this week about their election prospects

Paxman in charge of interrogating leaders this week

The leftist leader's lifelong opposition to nuclear weapons has drawn severe criticism from within his own party, and he was heckled on Friday for refusing to say whether he would launch a retaliatory strike if Britain were attacked.

"They need to help people".

Mrs May told the audience her presence at the BBC Question Time Special, broadcast from York University, showed she was not avoiding debates.

Some of the reason for the focus on other matters is that we have not learnt anything new about the way Theresa May is planning to approach Brexit. "But this is an important moment for our country, we've got to get it right", she said.

And moderator David Dimbleby told her that reports suggested nurses were forced to go to food banks, asking: "Is that fair?"

"How can you sleep at night?"

Starbucks teams with Lady Gaga for 'Cups of Kindness'
The second iced drink's even more vibrant - and is the one Gaga says she "instantly fell in love with" the moment she tried it. The new Matcha Lemonade will be a delicate mixture of ground Teavana matcha green tea and crisp lemonade .

Mr Corbyn said: "It is staggering that just six days from polling day millions of pensioners still don't know what's in store for them if they are unlucky enough to get dementia or any other condition that needs care in the home".

Sarah Dowling, a 57-year-old teacher, said she would be voting Labour despite reservations about Corbyn.

Patrick McLoughlin, the Conservative chairman, said after the debate: "Jeremy Corbyn wilted under pressure - he waffled on and on in meaningless soundbites without offering anything of substance. Your entire manifesto has holes in it, and everyone else can see that". "I think they understand that", he said.

A landslide victory for the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom will be no longer, according to polls taken less than a week away from the national election.

"I still can't quite see him as prime minister".

The UK Labour party leader has received an important boost from the Vermont senator and leading American progressive Bernie Sanders, who faced off against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic party primaries a year ago. "I think the idea of anyone anywhere in the world using a nuclear weapon is utterly appalling".

North Korea missiles a 'direct threat' to Russia
The pair of Japanese Naval Vessels and US Aircraft carriers have introduced a joint drill in the Sea of North Korea on Thursday. Mattis added that the USA is "working with China on North Korea because that is also a problem for China".

"There has to be no first use, there has to be a process of engagement to bring about, ultimately, global nuclear disarmament".

Another gentlemen in the audience said: "Would you use it as second use or would you allow North Korea or some idiot in Iran to bomb us and say "ooh, we better start talking", you'll be too late!"

Mr Corbyn said: "I have not supported any of those organisations. You were talking to them".

"Do you want to comment on that?" "Actually, so was the government at the same time".

In the TV event, May was also accused of failing to stand up to the US President Donald Trump over his country's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. And he criticised Mrs May's decision not to sign a letter with leaders of Germany, France and Italy condemning the move.

Corbyn's supporters look to the unexpected victories for President Donald Trump and the Leave campaign in last year's European Union referendum as evidence polls can and will be confounded.

Definitive Edition is coming to PC in glorious 4K — Age of Empires
Microsoft announced Age of Empires: Definitive Edition at E3 2017 during the PC Gaming Show press conference. In total, there are seven " Age of Empires " games, with three spinoff titles as well.

In a hard moment, she was challenged by a woman who struggled to hold back tears as she described waiting for more than a year for counselling on the state-run National Health Service.

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