Theresa May promises 'humility and resolve' ahead of Queen's Speech

MPs shout ‘Give us a clue’ as Speaker unable to give date for Queen’s Speech

MPs shout ‘Give us a clue’ as Speaker unable to give date for Queen’s Speech

Symbolically, Ms May has not secured an agreement with the Democratic Unionist Party in advance of the Queen's Speech.

It will also commit the government to new legislation on domestic violence during this parliament, which Downing Street has set to last for two years.

A source has warned that a deal is not imminent after talks have not proceeded in the way the Northern Irish party anticipated.

The Queen's Speech - which lays out the laws that ministers want to pass in the coming year - is a major moment in the parliamentary diary.

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The speech comes after May lost her majority in a snap election earlier this month, leaving her at the head of a minority government with no deal in place to insure that the government can deliver on its agenda.

However, it is thought unlikely the DUP would vote down the Government's programme in a way which would risk a fresh general election.

But they can not risk a divisive leadership race now and plan to shore her up until she has delivered Brexit before anointing a successor.

In connection with the upcoming process of the country's withdrawal from the European Union the next parliamentary session will last for two years instead of one, as usual, said the Chairman of the house of Commons Andrea Linds. "We will work hard every day to gain the trust and confidence of the British people, making their priorities our priorities", she said.

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The two-year session will mean that the Government will not face a crunch vote next spring, when Brexit negotiations - which get underway tomorrow - will be ongoing. But First Secretary of State Damian Green acknowledged that it may not be possible to reach a deal in time for the Commons vote on the Queen's Speech package on June 29.

In an apparent sign of recognition that she must seek a broad consensus for any Brexit deal, Mrs May said getting European Union withdrawal right will mean securing "a deal which delivers the result of last year's referendum and does so in a way that commands maximum public support".

The DUP's leverage on the Government - however embarrassing for the Conservative brand on reproductive rights and gay equality - does at least guarantee a soft border in Ireland, which adds to the pressure for a softer Brexit.

The results of the election mean that a coalition of opposition parties would struggle for enough support to form a viable alternative government, however, and there is little appetite in Britain for yet another election.

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