The Strawberry Moon, a Smaller and Less Bright Full Moon

Strawberry Moon is Coming What Exactly Does that Mean

Minimoon to be visible over Doha tomorrow from 6.16pm

This represents the perigee, when the moon is placed 220,000 miles away from Earth.

As this event differs according to region, the name is hardly universal, so others call it the "Rose Moon" (European colonists) or the "Moon of Horses" (Celtic tradition), among others. Technically, this is a "micromoon" - a full moon that will be a little smaller than an average full moon. We know what you're thinking: a reddish-pinkish moon in the sky?

A Micromoon (Pygmy Full moon) phenomenon takes place when a full Moon coincides with Apogee (the point in the Moon's orbit farthest from Earth), and it is the opposite of the Supermoon.

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This month's full moon, also known as strawberry moon, is unique, since it's the smallest full moon of the year. Therefore, depending on its position, it appears smaller or larger in different periods of the year. Ancient or native people coined a lot of them.

According to Native American folklore, a full moon in June is called a Strawberry Moon because the short season for harvesting strawberries comes during that summer month. It will appear full even on the nights before and after the peak.

The moon will be fullest during daylight Friday, which is why the best time to see it will be the early morning hours after midnight. It is called Green Corn Moon, the Planting Moon or the Birth Moon, all because of its link to crops and farming.

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The Strawberry Moon will reach its fullest phase on June 09, at 1309 GMT or 9:09 a.m. EDT.

Minimoons are generally slightly less luminous than a regular full moon. Again, there won't be anything special with how the moon will appear on June 9 nor will it shine in strawberry pink unlike the extremely large supermoon from past year. Experts say that the next minimoon will appear in July 2018.

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