The British elections- a setback not a devastating defeat

Unlike the alliance between the Tories and the Liberal Democrats in 2010, when the election also resulted in a hung Parliament, the new government will not be a formal coalition but one where the DUP supports the Tories with votes in Parliament.

May failed to get the 326 seats her Conservative party needs for an outright majority.

British voters headed to the polls after May had called for general elections in April.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May waits for the result of the vote in her constituency at the count center for the general election in Maidenhead on June 9, 2017.

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After a brief meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, May said this morning the new government will guide Britain's exit talks from the European Union, which are set to begin in just 10 days.

Even if May remains at the helm of the next government, she will have to negotiate a Brexit agreement that will have little chance of getting through the House of Commons, as all other parties (including even Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party, on which her next government would have to rely) want a relatively soft Brexit.

"For the economy, households and corporates will be concerned by the increased political uncertainty", said Azad Zangana, senior European Economist at fund manager Schroders in London.

May, 60, said the two parties have enjoyed a strong relationship over many years, and she believes that they will be able to work together in the interest of the country.

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But despite jubilation among Mr Corbyn's supporters at bloodying Mrs May' s nose, Labour MP Chris Leslie said the party should not pretend it achieved a "famous victory". Pollard accuses May of gambling the country's future on the hopes of strengthening her own position. The Conservatives are forecast to win 314 seats, followed by Labour with 266 seats.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will be forced to seek the support of a regional party in order to continue governing, after the general election she called backfired dramatically.

A delay in forming a government could push back the start of Brexit talks, now scheduled for June 19, and reduce the time available for what are expected to be the most complex negotiations in post-World War Two European history.

Opposition party leaders were also quick to call for her resignation, including the Liberal Demo- crats' Tim Farron, who said: "We will now have a government that is weaker and less stable at a time when we are about to embark on the most hard and complex negotiations in our history". "Well the mandate she's got is lost Conservative seats, lost votes, lost support and lost confidence". I can not imagine a situation in which the DUP will have any influence on the Conservative Party or the Government's policies on equality.

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Jeremy Corbyn still thinks he can become prime minister instead of Theresa May. We want to do it quickly, respecting the calendar. "This is a major disaster for her personal authority over the country and the Conservative Party, particularly because she made this election all about her "strong and stable" leadership", Jane Merrick wrote for CNN. "I said at the start this election was wrong".

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