Pilot asks passengers for prayers as 'technical issue' forces in-flight turnaround

An AirAsiaX Airbus 330 like the one forced to abandon a flight to Kuala Lumpur after a turbine fan shattered

An AirAsiaX Airbus 330 like the one forced to abandon a flight to Kuala Lumpur after a turbine fan shattered

The aircraft started shuddering and a strong engine smell wafted through the cabin for a couple of minutes before the pilot made a U-turn to head back to Perth Airport.

Terrified passengers on that flight described a very loud noise soon after it left Sydney for Shanghai.

An AirAsia X flight was forced to turn back shortly after take off following a loud bang and violent shaking caused by a technical fault.

The flight landed back in Perth two hours later, shaking the entire time, passengers said.

He commended the pilot for getting them back to Perth safely.

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Rahim said the whole plane began shaking "like a washing machine". The whole thing was going. We could see the engine out the window which was really shaken on the wing, ABC quoted him saying.

Air Asia flight D7237 was just one hour into its journey.

He praised the professionalism of the crew.

"It was a little unnerving, everyone handled it pretty well, no one freaked out too much". It was a bit nervy.

ABC News quotes Sophie Nicolas, another passenger on the flight, as saying she was scared when it happened, especially with the reaction of the AirAsia crew of the plane.

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Karrinyup resident Dave Parry was on the plane with his wife, three children and mother-in-law.

Airport Fire and Emergency Services were called out as a precaution, but the aircraft landed without incident.

A spokeswoman for the airline would not confirm if the plane's engine was affected.

"The safety of our guests are our utmost priority", the airline said in statement.

Australian paper says a blade in one of the two engines had sheared off and passengers applauded the pilots when it landed safely. Passengers were being transferred to later flights.

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The captain asked everyone to remain seated and announced the plane would return to Perth.

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