MacOS is now fully baked with macOS High Sierra

James Martin  CNET

James Martin CNET

The rest of us might identify with Humphrey Bogart's character, Roy Earle, who replies, saying "Yeah, ain't they?" If you're not into taking risks, you should probably wait for that, but if you really need to test out all of the new stuff, read on.

The next update to Apple's desktop operating system macOS is called macOS High Sierra, and it's about to get a release date. As far as video is concerned, we now get H.265/HEVC integrated in macOS High Sierra and the default suite of apps.

Photos is also set to receive some refinements, like improved facial recognition, and categories that are synchronized across all Apple devices. The Apple Music app will also show what your friends are listening to.

Apple's macOS High Sierra is available now to developers, and will be available to beta users later this month.

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Virtual reality has been described as the next big thing for decades. Steam VR SDK is coming to the Mac as well, and Unity and Unreal engines are coming to the Mac, too, which means people can make VR stuff on the Mac now. Many criticisms with the existing HFS+ filesystem, however, include the lack of snapshots, sparse file support, an inefficient implementation of hard links, and a time clock that expires on February 6, 2040. Apple tested the Javascript performance against Chrome and found that Safari is up to 80 percent faster - which is a huge gain.

John Knoll, chief creative officer of Industrial Light and Magic, demos awesome new VR capabilities coming to Mac.

Furthermore, High Sierra also brings in support for external graphics card enclosures through the use of a Thunderbolt 3 port, with the aim of providing a hike in performance for MacBook users looking at creating graphically intensive apps and software that makes use of virtual reality (VR). We're still bummed that Apple passed on the opportunity to call it Heavy Metal. The free update will ship this fall, and is compatible with all systems that support Sierra. The move is "not about blocking ads - the web behaves as it always did, but your privacy is protected", said Federighi.

"It's time for a more modern file system", said Federighi. Click the link to obtain it (after you do this, you will find it under the Purchased tab). The next generation operating system will also promote searches in Spotlight as well. Mail will also have a new full-screen split view that puts the compose window next to your messages and better message compression, allowing it to consume less disk space. It works pretty much like every other smart speaker on the market, from the outside: You trigger an action with wake-word, "Hey, Siri", and then it flashes lights to acknowledge your voice and plays what you ask for or answers your question. Photos will have more editing tools, including Curves for fine-tuning colour and contrast in the image.

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In the fun department, you'll be able to edit Live Photos like the mini-movies that they are, with looping, reversing, trimming, and picking a key frame.

The Photos app has also been beefed up. It will support third-party extensions so you can export projects to non-Apple printing services, such as Animoto and Shutterfly.

For video, gaming, and more, Apple had a lot to announce.

The fruity firm showed off MacOS High Sierra at WWDC 2017 this evening. But there are also some bigger changes under the hood.

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Right now the future looks groovy for macOS.

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