Google's next big feature is to scrape LinkedIn

Google's Powerful Job Search Tool is available

Google Launches New AI-Powered Job Search Feature on Google Search

After you find a job that you want to apply for, Google will then redirect you to the job site to start the actual application process.

The new feature, now available only in English, uses the same simple language Google searches are known for. Now there's a new player in job searching: Google. For a number of vacancies, the result will mention travel time between your place of residence and the office.

For some listings, you can even see commute times if logged into your Google account and ratings for the company from big job boards.

Google seems to have done its homework. It seems as though Google is looking to become the one-stop search engine for all user needs, given recent additions like a travel search tool for flights. Job seekers can look into different sites and decide on their pick.

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Google launched a new search engine for jobs on Monday.

Users will see the job listing and any reviews of the employer, if applicable, within the results area. "We want to do what we do best: search", Zakrasek said.

To help organizations adapt to its latest integration, Google posted an instruction manual for organizations in the blog post announcing the project.

"With the high competition for critical high-tech talent", he said, "this may give Google a leg up on the job pool".

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As of now, the company has no plans of monetising Google for Jobs. This will automatically help de-cluster and eliminate repetitions of certain job openings, serving up to the specific of a user's requirement. Google has essentially scraped existing job-finding sites to build its own utility within search.

In theory, that should help make Google a one-stop shop that allows a user to conduct broad searches from a single query. Firstly, it will be placing all related job openings under one umbrella.

The Google search technology allows users to filter job searches by various criteria - for example, commuting distance or specific methods of transportation - such as bus, rail or auto. For starters, there is no information on the fact whether job listings will be shown keeping in consideration the experience of the job seeker. There is likely some tension pulling and listing content from sites that monetize that very same content, so keeping certain important pieces of information behind a click-through could be about helping to prevent a legal fight.

Before anyone tries to jump directly on this service the release is now limited to the US.

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