FBI Finds 'Hit List' On Body of Alexandria Shooter

"We have controlled the internal bleeding, and his vital signs have stabilized", Sava said at a press conference. By the time he arrived after being airlifted to the hospital, he was in shock.

"My dear friend Steve Scalise took a bullet for all of us", Trump said.

When Scalise arrived in the hospital, he had an "imminent risk of death" and was "as critical as you can be", doctors also said.

The rifle blast to Scalise's left hip, as he stood near second base, caused "substantial damage" to bones, internal organs and blood vessels.

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Scalise will need more operations for his injuries, but doctors can't yet predict how many are necessary.

Mr Scalise remains in critical condition in the intensive care unit, but his risk of death is "substantially lower than when he came in", Mr Sava said.

Doctors expect Mr Scalise will eventually be able to walk and return to work at "full capacity".

A list of names - including some Republican members of Congress - was found with the Alexandria shooter, according to a law enforcement source and Rep. Mo Brooks, who was on the list and present at the practice but unharmed by the shooting.

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Roger Williams , R-Texas; Bailey and Griner; along with Matt Mika , a lobbyist for Tyson Chicken. Special Agents Crystal Griner, David Bailey and Henry Cabrera were on the scene when James T.

Capitol Police Special Agent Crystal Griner was shot in the ankle but was recovering at the hospital. Sava said he told Scalise's family that "I am not declaring victory until he's playing ball in his back yard with his family".

Because the bullet shattered, there may be hundreds of fragments in Scalise's body and doctors do not intend to try to remove them all, Sava said. "And because of him, and the tremendous pain and suffering he's now enduring - he's having a hard time, far worse than anybody thought - our country will perhaps become closer, more unified".

"So we all owe Steve a big, big thank you", the president said. The dead man's social media posts indicated he'd violently opposed President Donald Trump and the policies of his Republican Party. Hodgkinson contacted both of his state's Democratic senators frequently, always through email links on their websites, spokesmen said Friday.

The gunman in the early morning attack at the ballpark in Alexandria, Virginia, was identified as 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois. Lobbyist Matt Mika was shot multiple times and critically injured and remained hospitalized.

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