Cavs not making any lineup changes for Game 3 of the Finals

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Cavs not making any lineup changes for Game 3 of the Finals

The Warriors lead the series 2-0. The Warriors fared better in both games, hitting 42.5 percent in Game 1 and 51.7 percent in Game 2, where they poured in a whopping 132 points. "I did not tweet that", Smith told me as he walked out of the locker room after his postgame interview session before a crowd of cameras at his locker.

LeBron James has been doing everything humanly possible for the Cavs, averaging 28.5 points, 13 rebounds, 11 assists, 1.5 steals and 1.5 blocks through the first two games of the series. Did someone inform him that 0-3 holes are impossible to climb out of? As it turns out, Smith claims he was hacked.

Russian gang, gambling, bribery and chocolate trafficking
According to the New York Times, the court documents show that investigators collaborated with paid informers. Those taken into custody are expected to go before a judge later Wednesday, according to a source.

Cleveland Cavaliers' wing J.R. Smith has always been known for some colorful tweets, including the infamous "you trying to get the pipe?". "I got out of the shower and my phone was buzzing".

As per SB Nation's Tim Cato, the tweet went on to grab 37,000 retweets and over 29,000 likes before Smith took it down. "I do believe. But I didn't tweet that". "I'm smarter than that". But he added: "I didn't tweet that. I would be much smarter than that to tweet that at literally 12:04, right after the game".

Yahoo shareholders approve sale of core business to Verizon
Share with Us - We'd love to hear eyewitness accounts, the history behind an article, and smart, constructive criticism. The deal is expected to close by Tuesday. ("Verizon") of the Company's operating business (the "Sale Transaction").

Game 4 of the finals is on Friday night at 6 Cleveland.

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The Qatari-based TV station, Al-Jazeera, had already been blocked in numerous countries in a sign of the growing tensions. The White House seemed to take a different tone after Trump spoke by telephone with Saudi Arabia's ruler, King Salman.

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