Apple's iPad Pro is closer than ever to replacing your laptop

Of course, the Pencil is still a remarkable tool for the iPad Pro and in the new iOS you'll be able to literally draw on nearly anything you're looking at. Prices for Apple's new 10.5 inch iPad start at $649 and there is also a new version of the 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

Apple released iOS 11 into the wild more than a week ago, and you can try the first beta on compatible iPhones and iPads right now. Jumping between home screens to browse through my apps only required a swipe so slight it felt like little more than a tap, showing virtually no latency.

I've been using the previous 9.7-inch iPad Pro for about a year. But the new 10.5-inch Pro provides the flawless middle ground.

For the most part, Apple has long kept its desktop and mobile experiences distinct from one another.

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Real racing beasts, the new iPad Pro impressed the first testers. The 12.9 inch come in Silver, Space Gray and Gold, the startup price is $799.

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro boasts a 2,224 x 1,668-pixel display that remains stellar to use for browsing and provides ample room for onscreen content. Cleverly, iOS switches between the wider DCI-P3 and standard sRGB gamuts automatically, so colours won't appear under- or oversaturated. "None of the display improvements that Apple has made post-Retina.have had quite as big an impact as those sharper screens did, but the 120-hertz refresh rate comes close", states Ars Technica. Is it 9.7 inches? 7.9?

If you're used to the iPad Pro, you'll already be familiar with True Tone and this coterie of extras. What the new lineup brings to the mix, however, is a refresh rate of 120Hz. This "ProMotion" display setup considerably raises the game when it comes to screen responsiveness. With a latency of 20ms, it's arguably the best out there; for perspective, the Galaxy S Pen had 93ms, the Surface Pro 3 pencil has 87ms and the original Apple Pencil had 49ms. This saves on battery life. Early reports say the performance is great too.

iOS 11 offers a whole new Dock to the iPad, it's like they designed iPad for iOS 11.

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This pricing is exactly how things should be, with the top 27-inch iMac model being $100 more expensive due to having the faster Radeon Pro with twice as much video memory. Not that the old tablet was a slowpoke.

The device also incorporates the latest iOS software, which means an instant performance upgrade for onboard applications, such as Apple Pay, Messages, Camera and even the Photos app. I'm not sure I would have sensed that without being told to look for it. Couple it with a few editing tools and the new iPad Pro could make a convincing all-in-one film studio. Both models are available in the United States and 37 additional countries and regions, including Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. Or if you're catching a flight, the boarding pass will automatically show up.

After their announcement last week at their annual World Wide Developers Conference, Apple is now beginning to ship their new 10.5-inch and updated 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, with Apple Stores and authorised Apple retailers stocking the devices from today. I would estimate I use the device 60% as a laptop, 40% as a tablet.

"Apple's marketing department has a bit of a challenge on its hands, as the best feature of the new 10.5" iPad Pro is one that's impossible to demonstrate in any way other than seeing it in person.

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The problem speaks to Apple's struggles in diversifying its iPad family and trying to make the iPad Pro a viable laptop replacement.

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