Trump considers adding troops in Afghanistan

A U.S. soldier mans a gun at the back gate aboard the helicopter carrying U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis as he arrives via helicopter at Resolute Support headquarters in Kabul Afghanistan

Trump advisers propose expanding US military role in Afghanistan

The goal is to make "incremental progress" in coming years in the hope that those gains will be enough to persuade the Taliban to make concessions that will lead to peace, said a US official familiar with the plan.

The Post's report comes after Trump repeatedly promised to "start winning" again, amid worsening security in a region destabilized from over 15 years of war.

The Trump administration is reportedly weighing a proposal to send thousands of more troops to Afghanistan, an escalation of the longest war in US history.

Did the president ever tweet about this exact subject before becoming president?

Anthony Cordesman, a defence analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said Afghan forces aren't capable of securing the country.

The proposals for a mini-surge are expected to be delivered to Donald Trump this week.

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"It is important that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation continues to provide the right level of support to the Afghan security forces as they stabilise their country". Gen. Dan McNeill said in 2007 we were making "significant progress". Trump is expected to make a decision on his Afghan strategy before a May 25th North Atlantic Treaty Organisation meeting in Brussels.

U.S. troops have been fighting for almost 16 years in Afghanistan, where the government and its coalition allies are battling a resilient Taliban as well as other terror groups, including ISIS.

There is probably one thing that is pretty clear that he will ll do. At the same time they want to give commanders more authority to launch air strikes or mount special operations.

A troop count of 3,000 would be added to the 8,400 already stationed in the region, along with supporting North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces supplied by other countries.

In February this year, the commander of USA troops in Afghanistan, Gen. John Nicholson told a Senate committee that a "few thousand" more us troops would be required to break the stalemate in the country.

Now more than 8,000 USA troops are serving in Afghanistan as part of NATO-led Operation Resolute Support - the mission to "train, advise and assist" Afghan forces.

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The Pentagon confirmed in April that the White House had authorized it to set troop levels for both Iraq and Syria for the fight against ISIS.

"What they are saying behind the scenes is that they don't think they can defeat the Taliban, but they need to try and change the balance; to try and incentivise the Taliban to get to some sort of political solution".

The news came as Afghan security forces battle Taliban fighters blocking a main route into the northern city of Kunduz with improvised explosives, as fears grew local residents could be forced to flee the city.

They have faced high casualties, up 35 percent in 2016 with 6,800 soldiers and police killed, according to a USA watchdog. The U.S. has found it hard to disengage. The increase would be to accelerate training missions for Afghan forces and well as to fight the Taliban.

The Trump administration is reportedly weighing sending as many as 5,000 more troops to Afghanistan, which would bring the total there to about 13,400.

While the request was reportedly made some weeks ago, it is expected that the subject will be on the agenda of a meeting between Jens Stoltenberg , the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation secretary general, and British Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday in London.

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Now there are about 500 British troops in the country, providing security in Kabul and training at the Afghan Officer Academy. In 2015 he declared that invading Afghanistan in the first place was a "terrible mistake" and the current situation was "a mess", although he added that "I would leave the troops there begrudgingly" because "that thing will collapse in about two seconds after they leave". By the end of 2016 they controlled more than 8.4 million Afghans, about a third of the population, and an increase of five million a year earlier, according to a United Nations report obtained by the Wall Street Journal.

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