School: Boy, 8, who killed himself never said he was bullied

Carson Elementary School has declined to release the video that shows what took place January 24 in one of its bathrooms, resulting in what exactly it contains to be in dispute, according to the Washington Post. The school district on Thursday disputed some of the detective's descriptions but not the most crucial parts - the boy being knocked unconscious and the 7½-minute wait for an assistant principal and then a school nurse helping Gabriel.

Cincinnati lawyer Jennifer Branch, who represents Taye's mother, said on Thursday that nobody at the school told Taye's family what happened. "During our investigation we learned that the Cincinnati police detective found video recording of the child two days before he died".

In the sake of transparency, writers for the Cincinnati Enquirer requested for the footage of Gabe's beating to be released to the public by the school - a request that was reportedly turned down by Carson Elementary heads.

Two days later Gabe's mother, Cornelia Reynolds, found her son's lifeless body hanging from his bunk bed.

He probably didn't want to say, 'Ma, somebody's bullying or picking on me, ' you know?

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"I guess he didn't know how to tell me stuff was happening", Reynolds said.

A Cincinnati schools spokeswoman says the video might be released Friday. Branch said she discovered the video through the police report, which describes the footage as "alarming" and "bullying".

Police are looking into whether bullying endued by Gabriel Taye rises to the level of criminal assault.

Gabe was allowed to miss school the next day but returned to school on January 26.

The school initially told her that Taye had fainted while in the bathroom, CBS affiliate WKRC-TV noted.

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The edited video supplied by Cincinnati Public Schools ends before an adult finds Taye.

Cincinnati police declined further comment on its handling of the matter because Sammarco has reopened the investigation by her office.

The district's statement Friday followed release of the video showing Gabriel Taye being bullied and falling to the floor unconscious. If the county coroner amends his death certificate, she said she would send the case to the prosecutor's office - if it's determined violence contributed to his death, reports CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas. "There was more bullying than his mom ever knew, was ever told, and as we learn things, it's been hard to share them with her because her response is, 'if I had only known, '" Branch said. Another child smacked the girl in the face and nothing was done about it, she said. They said Reynolds decided herself to pick him up from school and that she didn't take him to the hospital until her sister, who was baby-sitting while Reynolds was at work, called to say Gabriel had vomited and was complaining of stomach pains.

He had no signs of any medical or mental health issues, and was an "adorable" and "happy-go-lucky" child. In 2016, a DE girl died after a fight in her high school restroom.

The school system responded at the time by saying there had been no reports of bullying at Carson between August and December 2016, the Cincinnati Inquirer reported.

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