Mom watches in horror as daughter mauled by kangaroo

VIDEO: Kangaroo attacks, bites 9-year-old girl on head

9-year-old girl bitten by kangaroo in Madison County

A nine-year-old girl has received 14 stitches after a kangaroo reached through a wire fence and grabbed her by the hair in a vicious attack.

Jennifer White happened to be recording her nine-year-old daughter Cheyenne's interaction with the animal when the attack happened Saturday.

"It grabbed her through the fence and chewed on her head". The video White recorded showed a kangaroo inside an enclosure with openings large enough for the animals to reach arms and heads through - and for visitors to do likewise.

Her mother quickly took her to the hospital for medical treatment.

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Cheyenne, 9, and her three-year-old sister were surprised by their mom, Jennifer, with a visit to the park, which was one of their favorite places.

White said park staff did not provide support after the kangaroo bit her daughter.

Cheyenne said, "I'm just glad it got me instead of my baby sister because it would have hurt her even worse". "I was like, 'Yay!"

We reached out to Harmony Park Safari, who said they have not been contacted since the incident.

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The girl's mother, Jennifer White, shared the video with WHNT.

"I thought it was playing", Cheyenne told WAFF.

There were signs posted around the park and another sign on the fence that read "I bite", but Cheyenne's mother doesn't think that's enough to protect future visitors.

WAFF reports they were told by a park employee that the owners didn't want to comment.

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"I don't want it to happen to someone else's kid because they may not be as fortunate as my daughter was", said Jennifer White.

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