Condoleezza Rice on Trump: I feel bad for him

Rice chides Trump for criticism of judges, media

Rice Endorses Overseas Engagement And Democracy Building

Condoleezza Rice used her time on "The View" Tuesday to offer some supportive words for President Donald Trump.

Rice said, "We do need to understand what was going on before the inauguration of the president" in January.

"He had never been in government before", she added.

Scrubbing Confederate history from the country's fabric would be a monumental mistake, Condoleezza Rice said Monday. "And you want people around you that you trust".

Congress Finishes Spending Bill, Sends Legislation To Trump
Many of you are here because you pledged to cast this vote". "This will be a big deal in the budget debate", said Rep. The Republicans seemed unworried, many of them busing to the White House for a victory appearance with the president.

Rice also weighed in on warnings that Obama administration officials, including from the former president himself, gave Trump about his former advisor, Michael Flynn, and Flynn's ties to Russian Federation. "It's a relationship you've got to have but it is tough", said Dr Rice, who served as the National Security Advisor and the Secretary of State under the George W Bush administration.

"There's only one president at a time", she continued. She said it's "not unusual for transition officials to meet with foreign dignitaries and ambassadors, but she said, "You can't discuss policy and you can't discuss that you might change policy".

Rice, who has interspersed periods in public service with academic posts, suggested Trump, a NY real estate magnate, may see foreign policy more in terms of striking deals than finding common interests.

"One of the reasons I think you got the election you did is because people feel that the American Dream, as we call it, isn't there for them", she said.

Energy secretary briefed on mishap at nuke site
Some were ordered to evacuate immediately while others were told to shelter-in-place as officials investigated the situation. Officials report that they've just observed a sunken area in the soil and it's unclear whether the tunnel has collapsed.

Host Joy Behar began by trying to get Rice to comment on current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's attachments to Russian Federation.

Rice described the situation on the Korean Peninsula as "very bad" and "dangerous" and said Trump had to keep working to "get the Chinese to change their calculation". Let's be clear: "he obviously knows what he's doing", she said.

As for the results of the election, Ms. Rice said there's a reason Mr. Trump won that has nothing to do with Russian Federation.

Facebook back after global technical errors
Refresh Facebook until it comes back online. "We've now fixed the issue and apologise for the inconvenience caused", he said. Users of the social media site reported being confronted with the message: "Sorry, something went wrong".

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