Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds join Melissa McCarthy for Mother's Day SNL

First, we're in the White House press briefing room where principal deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, played by Aidy Bryant plays, says Spicer's out on Navy reserve duty.

Finally, a reporter asked McCarthy's Spicer if she thought Trump would fire her next.

Then a reporter asked, "Were you surprised Trump fired Comey before he fired you?"

"Some people have called me a serial tapist - when you're President they let you do that".

Going into this weekend's Saturday Night Live with Melissa McCarthy, a Sean Spicer impersonation was an absolute given.

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"I gotta find Trump", Spicer says. Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer took on James Comey's firing on SNL after emerging from the bushes - literally. We wonder if Kimberly Guilfoyle is doing the same dance while thinking about the job she's about to take from incumbent Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Unfortunately, she found him in the form of Alec Baldwin, and before long, the two were making out. McCarthy asked, to which Reynolds said in a deadpan tone, "You invited us".

Spicer insisted "there is no Russian thing".

"Trump is innocent", McCarthy's Spicer said.

"I think I can't do this anymore Mr Trump".

"Only since you started working here", Trump replies.

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If they're friends, "why does he make you come out here and humiliate yourself every day" and then "why is everyone saying he is about to fire you and replace you with Sarah?" It came one day after she rode an electric press briefing podium through the streets of NY dressed as Spicer as part of filming for the skit.

Responding to questions about Trump's state of mental health, Spicer retorted: "If he's insane, he's insane like a fox with mental problems".

The sketch was amusing, but more than that, it seemed entirely created to humiliate the real-life Spicer and Trump.

Inside that doll is, as Spicey explains it, Trump's top advisers and "good, good friends" who helped him come to his decision: Steve Bannon (depicted as Slimer from Ghostbusters) and Jeff Sessions (a Pikachu).

McCarthy first appeared as Spicer back in February. The sketch seems to assume that'll be sooner than later, but even if that's not the case, the writers have all summer to figure out a way for Spicer the McCarthy character to return.

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