Adverts are coming to the Amazon Echo, sort of

Amazon Echo with Touch Screen, Video Calling: Specification, Release Date, Competitors

Amazon Reveals $230 Touchscreen Echo Show

Currently, there are no ads on Amazon Echo.

Amazon launched the Echo Show Alexa device on Tuesday through a pre-order.

For household calling, devices like the Amazon Echo Show have the game changing potential to finally replace the declining breed of landline phones used in households worldwide. I only own one Echo, an Echo Dot, but she told me that if I had multiple Echo units, the process would be the same. Amazon debuted with the Echo lineup in 2014.

Obviously, Amazon has been pushing hard (and frequently) to get its personal assistant to become a significant part of our everyday lives.

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Currently, around 9% of United Kingdom households own one or more of the devices and 87% of those who said they meant to purchase an Echo are planning to do so in the next 12 months.

I can clearly see how Amazon may be able to use the Echo to totally disrupt everything from enterprise phone systems to how and when we communicate by voice.

The Echo Show dominating Nucleus might create a chilling impact for companies looking to create products using the AI Alexa, as reported by CNET.

The 7-inch screen on the new Echo Show enables the speaker to supplement voice responses with visuals and other information displays, similar to the Echo-like features on the Fire tablets and Fire TV streaming devices.

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Aside from that, Nucleus also states that last August, the firm launched the first Alexa-enabled touchscreen device for both audio and video communication. Anything you could previously ask Alexa, she can now answer with video too. Similarly, instead of "Alexa, call Mom for Mother's Day", you can ask Alexa to video call Mom for Mother's Day.

Adding a video component to voice-only digital assistants opens up a huge territory for developers and is the beginning efforts in enhancing the digital assistant experience with consumers.

Amazon, of course, isn't the only player that wants to rule the segment. It'll be launching its Cortana Skills Kit.

There are now over 10,000 skills on the Alexa, ranging from a skill to find skills to skills from news organizations like Fox News or CNN to asking what wine goes best with a particular meal. It's been speculated that this new Apple device could be revealed as early as this June. You'll need to have a telephone number for each one, but a virtual or Voice Over IP number that supports text messaging, like Google Voice, should work just fine.

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Amazon in recent weeks has introduced a number of new devices and services created to integrate the company further into consumers' homes, as it faces off against similar devices from Alphabet Inc.'s Google and Microsoft Corp., and a rumored smart speaker that may be offered by Apple Inc.

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